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Business Meeting

Business Strategy

Where mindfulness and business intersect to produce spectacular results
Workshop Development & Facilitation

Do you have a particular problem to solve, change to plan or goal to attain? We work with clients to build customized group workshops. Our emphasis is on creating a safe environment to share opinions, generate new ideas and get out of our chairs! 

Goals and Strategic Planning

Is everyone in your business aware of their roles and responsibilities, and how those align with team and organizational goals? We work with businesses to align goals and strategic planning with the organizational mission and vision. We then provide the communication tools and activities necessary to harmonize your strategy with the organization. 

Mission, Vision &

Do you feel like the captain of a boat with no direction - or do you need help steering yourself and your crew in a new direction?
We work with leaders and employees to help evolve or create mission and vision statements - an essential component to decision making and organizational alignment. An important step in this process is identifying the values needed to attain the mission and vision. This work serves as a springboard for goal-setting, hiring and decision-making. 

Integrate Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence Your Way

Strategically Mindful will work with your team to integrate mindfulness into the organizational culture and can develop customized training. Pick and choose components from our existing offerings, or collaborate with us to develop a training tailored to your needs. In addition, we provide executive coaching services to employees at all levels. 

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