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Create a vibrant organization through mindfulness integration and
stress reduction practices
What is mindfulness?

To become mindful is simply to become aware of what is happening in the present moment without judgment. Many factors in modern life have trained us to act out of habit and reactivity as we strive to keep up with its many demands. As we practice mindfulness, we begin to slow down and become more aware of what we are thinking, feeling, and doing. Once we can observe and accept our current experience, we can make much more intentional choices about what to do next. At its core, mindfulness is a practice of training awareness. As awareness grows stronger, we become calmer, more resilient, and more able to bring intention to our daily lives. 

Why bring mindfulness to your organization?

Mindfulness is the foundation of a vibrant, 21st century organization. It offers personal and professional benefits to those who choose to participate in regular practices. Being mindful brings about a natural sense of well-being. In addition, it enables the development of emotional intelligence, which in turn enables effective communication, teamwork, and leadership. Research in neuroscience and organizational effectiveness has proven that mindfulness can have a significantly positive impact on work and life. A few of the benefits of mindfulness in the workplace include: 

  • Increased creativity

  • Improved stress management

  • Enhanced productivity and focus

  • More satisfied employees and improved employee retention

How do you introduce a personal concept into a business environment?

Mindfulness has become increasingly popular in the business world because more and more leaders are witnessing its impact on the well-being of their employees and the many benefits that come from a happier, healthier workforce. Bringing mindfulness to the workplace gives people the skills to show up at work with greater clarity and calm, which serves as a foundation for a more productive, creative, collaborative work environment. While mindfulness is sometimes linked to certain spiritual beliefs or traditions in some settings, the practice of mindfulness itself is experiential, and is not dependent on any belief system or ideology. Strategically Mindful offerings are created for a business environment. Our courses are appropriate for your professional environment because they are:

  • Developed and facilitated by professionals with business experience and advanced degrees in business, organizational development, education, and psychology.

  • Designed for use in a business setting, with individual and group work to improve emotional, social, and body awareness while creating a safe environment for learning.​

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