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Vibrant Organizations

Building a successful and purpose driven organization that embraces human potential

What is a vibrant organization? 

Vibrance is a quality of organizational “being” that is based on a positive belief in human potential – and allowing that potential to build a successful and purpose driven organization. Vibrancy is the quality of a business, as in a person, that you can’t quite put your finger on.  It represents an aliveness and openness. Vibrant organizations are evolving and resilient.

Their employees and leaders are innovative, learn from mistakes and promote a culture of openness.

How are vibrant organizations created?

Becoming a vibrant organization begins with the intention to integrate mindfulness and stress reduction into the organizational culture. Full vibrancy is realized as awareness flows up and down through the organization at the individual, leader and team level. The graphic below represents the different aspects of organizational vibrancy. 

Vibrant Organizations

v2 Vibrant Organizational Model.png

Strategically Mindful's model for creating a vibrant organization 

Outcomes of Organizational Vibrance

Organizational Level Outcomes

  • Power is distributed

  • Improved decision-making at all levels

  • Organization has a meaningful purpose that evolves based on how leaders, teams and individuals interact with the organization

  • Employees understand how to continue and connect with the organizational purpose, which drives their engagement

  • Human resource practices support and enhance organizational culture

  • Improved response to change at organizational and environmental levels

Leadership Outcomes

  • Resilience

  • Embrace conflict as a mechanism for growth

  • Model the behaviors that support organizational vibrancy

  • Create trusting, authentic and enduring professional relationships

Individual Outcomes

  • Improved individual self-management

  • Skills and talent are used more effectively

  • Daily stress is reduced

  • Creative potential is released

  • Higher employee engagement and a feeling of purpose and connection to the organization

  • Improved self-management and empowerment

  • Increased integration of work and whole-self, resulting in higher job satisfaction, creativity and impact

Cultural Outcomes

  • Organization moves towards authenticity and support, and away from individual egos

  • Joyful expression is seen and encouraged

  • Mistakes are embraced as learning opportunities

  • Teams self-manage and all voices are heard

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